Phillipa Hudson

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First saw your work in the lobby at the Chateau on Lake Louise. The three pieces are captivating! Love the crisp bright and mesmerizing colors and the way you use light and shadow. I hope to own one of your pieces some day!
Arlin Yrastorza - 13 Jan 2020
You're an awesome artist. Some day hope to own an original but I'll make do with a print now!
Joanne - 25 Nov 2018
saw your work at the Fairmont Lake Louise when i drove up there to dine. thank you. beautiful
melanie - 3 Jan 2018
I got lost in your paintings. Wonderful experience. Thank you
Suzanne Gerard - 9 Dec 2016
LOVE LOVE LOVE your work. Crisp, clean, rich colours that just jump off the canvas and all work together in harmony at the same time. You have inspired me to stop thinking about it and start painting again. You truly are a gifted artist. When I make it out west I will stop at the Chateau Lake Louise to see these paintings. P.S. If you ever run a weekend or week of classes please let me know.
Jackie Robinson - 18 Dec 2015
Great work with clean colors.
jay - 31 Jul 2015
We were drawn to your artistry after seeing your work at the Fairmont in Lake Louise. We visited the art gallery at the Fairmont in Banff and were so excited to learn they represented you. We purchased your Spirit Island painting and look forward to hanging it in our home!
Debby Gonzales - 27 Jul 2015
I visited the Chateau Lake Louise recently. I found the landscapes inside the hotel lobby every bit as breath taking as the landscape outside!
Linda - 21 Mar 2015
Just spent a beautiful weekend at the Chateau and was amazed at the beauty of your paintings! I felt like I could have stood there for hours. Would love to have some of your art in my own home!
Kate - 20 Oct 2014
Phillipa, Today I saw the paintings that you created for the Chateau Lake Louise Hotel. All I can say is fantastic!
Tom Pynn - 12 Oct 2014
I love your style and bold colours! Your work is truly beautiful. Not being an artist it was fascinating to see how you created the Chateau Lake Louise paintings in layers. Well done Phee! I am sure your work brings much joy and are treasured pieces.
Peggy Taylor - 10 Dec 2013
Dear Phillipa, I was touring the Lake Louise/Banff area recently. I was the nurse for a group of seniors from our church. We stayed one night at the Chateau Lake Louise. I saw your magnificent paintings in the hotel. They are beautiful. What a gift it was to see them. Sincerely, Irene
Irene Townsend - 30 Aug 2013
Phillipa, Keep up the wonderful work. Great stuff!
Michael O'Toole - 8 Aug 2013
My favourites are Low light on West Coast, Last light on west coast and trees on west coast. Lovely, Phee!
Hilary Edwards - 7 Jan 2013
Nice work. Don't get too good or we'll have to "knock ypou off" to increase the value of your pieces. Have agreat day s
Stan - 10 Apr 2011
Very nice work Phillipa!
Dave Fidler, Classic Gallery Framing Inc. - 28 Mar 2011
Loved The Gallery, Phee. So very different. Are you planning an event in Africa?
Heather Parker Lewis - 10 Nov 2010
Great mountain landscapes! Think you should do some of SA as well.
Ineke Moseley - 29 Mar 2010
Phee, I think your work is fantastic! Think you should come and paint our mountain too or the Infanta landscape... :) Janet - in Cape Town
Janet Edwards - 9 Dec 2009
Beautiful work! You're so inspiring in so many ways.
Sandy Mouret - 27 Nov 2009
Truly stunning work Phee- I'm looking forward to the next show!! Jess
Jessica Taylor - 25 Nov 2009
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